Unique Messianic Jewelry

Unique Messianic Jewelry

Unique Messianic Jewelry

Jerusalem Cross and Star of David with Blue Lapis and Marcasites

Size with the bail: 1.2/8" x 7/8" ~ (3cm x 2.3cm)
This ornately designed necklace is made of high grade 925 Sterling Silver
It comes with a Free 18" Silver Chain, description card "About the Jerusalem Cross"
and it is attractively gift boxed.
This stylish, beautiful Jerusalem Cross Necklace accentuated by a small 
Star of David made with a Blue Lapis stone in it's center.
It is surrounded with 4 ornate hearts filled with Marcasites.
 The smooth edges and the artistic bail gives this necklace a uniqueness
 of beauty and meaning.

Add Meaning to your Jewelry Collection
* Jerusalem Cross also known as the "Crusaders Cross" or, the "New Jerusalem Cross", focusing attention on the Divine and heavenly restoration of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Cross has many representations and symbols. The large center Cross symbolizes the person of Christ. It is surrounded by 4 Crosses symbolizing the belief that Jerusalem is the spiritual center of the earth and Christ's commandment to spread the Gospel from Jerusalem to the four directions of the world, a mission that started in Jerusalem with the outreach and commitment of the four Gospels. All five crosses symbolizes the five wounds of Christ during the Passion.

The Star of David represents the harmony of creation and life.
The early use of the star was limited to the mystical practitioners of Kabbalah".
The top triangle strives upward toward G-d and the spiritual world,
while the lower triangle strives downward to the material world.
 The intertwining represents our inseparable nature from God.

Lapis - The Stone of "Great Awareness"
Lapis is an ancient royal blue stone with gold flecks. It is considered a powerful healing stone for both physical and emotional problems. It is believed that wearing lapis jewelry relieves anxiety, insomnia and can strengthen the immune system. Lapis can lead to greater creativity, spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and self expression.
A Piece of Jewelry You Will Treasure for Ever!
* Buy it for yourself or someone you really like!

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