Small Olive Wood Necklaces - 14 Stations Cross

Small Olive Wood Necklaces - 14 Stations Cross

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Small Olive Wood Necklaces - 14 Stations Cross

Pendant Size: 1.25" X 1"    |    Cord Size: Apprx. 25"
The Olive Wood Necklaces are handmade - No two pieces are alike.

Order 3 or More ~ Get 1 Free!

You will love these beautifully designed hand carved
OliveWood Necklaces !

Hangs on black lace cord.
The beauty and fine craftsmanship of this exquisite
treasure is captured in each and every piece.

Excellent Giveaway gift for Retreats, Conferences, Schools,
Church Members, Chrisening, Baptizing, Holidays
and every day when the moment is right to cheer someone.

Prayer on the Back of package:
Jesus Prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane
Holy Father,
Protect them in your name
That you have given me,
So that they may be one
As we are one John 17:11

These Christian pendants symbolize
the Christians' Allegiance to His Lord.

* The Olive Wood necklaces are nicely presented for gift giving
with Olive Wood Tree background and a prayer on the back.
They come to you with a card: "About the Olive Wood"

   *Large Order?  Call for Discount: 1-800-825-6470

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Small Olive Wood Necklaces - 14 Stations Cross is available under Buy 3 _ Get 1 Free!. Click here to know more.
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