Small Wooden Floral Incense Burner

Small Wooden Floral Incense Burner

Biblical Incense & Burners

Small Wooden Floral Incense Burner

* Free Roll of Charcoal with every Incense Burner
Incense Burner  |  Floral Wood   |  2.5" Wide x 3" High

This high quality Incense Burner is made of durable wood
and is hand carved with floral decoration.
A metal plate on top for your charcoal and incense.

Skillfully and easily it will give you the most proficient
 and even burn during worship and meditation.

Burn your Incense and let the light aromatic smell purify your home.

The incense is a symbol for purification;
The burning of incense removes all impurities and
 leaves only the essence for the blessing of God. 

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