About Us

Founded as an online business since 1997

Jerusalem-Gifts is a Jewish/Christian family owned company inspired with deep religious feelings and a desire to awaken
spiritual rebirth and awareness.

  Our Mission - Jerusalem Gifts is in the business of importing and distributing Christian and Jewish Religious Art and Crafts
from the Holy-Land.
We are committed to honesty, fairness and easiest company to do business with.
Every decision we make, every action we take has one overriding purpose, and it is deliver to our clients the highest quality
of hand-made products. This is why we call ourselves "The Company that Inspire".

  Our Beliefs - We are a company founded on strong beliefs. We manifest our beliefs in the way we do business,
from the artists we work with, our employees and distributors, the products we sell and the service we provide.

  We believe in religious inspiration; We wish to inspire Christians all over the world and of all denominations, by bringing to them
Holy Christian Art from the place of birth of Jesus Christ and Christianity, to affirm His life and His Holy sacrifice.

  We wish to inspire Jewish people all over the world to embody their bond and support their Land of Israel.

 We believe in historic ties; our aim is to foster and strengthen the unique Christian - Jewish / Israeli friendship that is grounded
in our common Judeo-Christian heritage and an appreciation of the shared values and principles that are the foundation of both religions.

  We believe in integrity. We believe adherence to high standards of integrity is the principal measure of the success
of our products, our dealings with our customers, and our contributions to society.
Our integrity keeps us dedicated to providing our clients with hundreds of innovative designs, quality products made by native
artists from Bethlehem and Jerusalem with craftsmanship developed over generations.

  Most of all, we believe in Humanity. We believe in treating our customers, distributors and employees with compassion,
consideration and respect.

  We are a people to people organization. Our business is unique in that we hope to inspire and make a difference in the lives of
people throughout the world.

  Thank you for shopping at our website we appreciate your confidence and
we look forward to serve you.